Digital Strategy

Episode 0008 Hybrid Working

In this episode I talk about hybrid meetings and hybrid working.

For nearly two years we haven’t really been back to the office. Now that people are starting to go back, what they find seems like the dark ages. Their meeting rooms, if they even have any communications capability at all, are only equipped with rudimentary audio-conferencing equipment. Often with only a speakerphone. While working from home employees had a great meeting experience, and that’s what they are expecting back in the office. Employees are expecting hybrid meetings to be as good as they have on their laptops while sitting on the sofa in their living room.

Episode 0002 Change Management

Change Management Talking about the essential elements you need to consider when implementing change as your organisation becomes digital. Transcript Beatrix: Welcome to the Digital Workplace Podcast. Here to help you work smarter and get more done! He once made an aerobatics instructor, airsick! Here is your host, our resident digital workplace expert, Grant Crawley. …

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